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Water Obstacle Challenge

Challenging but not painful, providing a good test of strength, endurance and mental toughness, all to be as fun and demanding as you want it to be.


Allowing you to experience a refreshing and exciting moment with your family and friends.

Floating Boat

Pull the rope to let the ship move forward, test your balancing skill and race against your friends.

FIshing Pond

Learn fishing skills and knowledge from a real fishermen, feed the bait to the fish, or even catch them using your owns hand!


When it comes to sailing a boat, there are a lot of options. Choose your favorite boat type of just sail them all.

Kids Obstacle Challenge

Colorful paradise specially built for your little kids below age 7.

Lovely Animals

Besides fish, you have the opportunity to discover different type of lovely animals such as rooster, rabbit, goose, bees and many others.

Other Activities 

If you prefer not to get yourself being wet, there are a lot of other activities waiting for you to discover, such as swinging above the pond, riding a bicycle, trampoline, traditional board game, and many others!

star fish leisure farm logo


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